Integrate TRIFFT Loyalty with a POS solution

Integrating the TRIFFT loyalty program with your POS is straightforward and efficient via the TRIFFT REST API. The system is designed to function independently of your POS’s own CRM, eliminating unnecessary synchronization steps.

The integration process involves the POS retrieving customer identifiers, such as QR codes or barcodes, from a phone display. Then, it accesses activated coupons through the TRIFFT API, utilizing them during transactions. Finally, transaction details, including receipt data, customer ID, and redeemed coupon IDs, are sent back to TRIFFT through a dedicated API endpoint, ensuring a closed-loop, data-rich customer experience.

For a seamless integration of a loyalty program into a POS system via the TRIFFT REST API, the following implementation is ideal:

  1. The POS does not have to use its own CRM (it can if it's technically necessary, but it's not needed for our loyalty program and would be an unnecessary extra synchronization step). If needed, synchronization occurs through Member APIs ( or via the API of the POS provider (we strongly prefer REST).
  2. The POS retrieves the customer number (QR, EAN, etc.) from the display of the phone.
  3. The POS downloads activated coupons via our API: (IDs of the POS can be used, which are inserted into TRIFFT).
  4. The POS utilizes the coupons if applicable for the purchase.
  5. The POS sends the information back to TRIFFT with the receipt, customer ID, and IDs of the used coupons via this API: