Overview and Venues

Within the TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud framework, every client enjoys default access to two essential dashboards: Overview and Venues. These are thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, providing distinct sets of data tailored for comprehensive insights.

🌐 Overview Dashboard: Offers a panoramic view, encapsulates key metrics relevant to the broader landscape of your loyalty program. It serves as a comprehensive snapshot, providing valuable insights into overarching performance indicators.

🏒 Venues Dashboard: Narrows focus to venue-centric data. Tailored to businesses with multiple locations or varied operational hubs, this dashboard ensures a detailed understanding of loyalty dynamics in different settings.

While these default dashboards strive to cover a spectrum of vital metrics, TRIFFT recognizes that each business has its unique requirements. Therefore, TRIFFT offers the flexibility to create custom dashboards:

  1. Tailored by TRIFFT: Opt for a bespoke dashboard crafted by TRIFFT's experts as a one-off paid service. Leverage our expertise to align the dashboard precisely with your business goals and operational nuances.

  2. Analytics Module Seat: Purchase at least one seat in the Analytics module, granting you the autonomy to design and set your own custom dashboard. This option empowers you to choose the specific metrics that matter most to your business and operational model.