Privacy Requests

Feature Overview

  • Handle your customer's privacy requests efficiently, directly from the Content Cockpit

  • Take care of both data access and data deletion


Your customers have the right to obtain a copy of their personal data or to request data deletion. You can respond to both situations directly from the Content Cockpit. Most actions are automatically resolved by TRIFFT, however, you may choose to handle individual cases manually.

Data access

To stay compliant with consumer data privacy regulations like GDPR, your customers have the right to request a copy of the data you store about them at any time. Once requested (via consumer-facing channels such as mobile apps), the request appears in the list under CRM -> Privacy Requests.

The email is automatically sent to the customer, informing them that you have up to 30 days to fulfill their request.

There are two status options:

  • Pending - new request that has not yet been fulfilled. You can view the customer detail by clicking the

    icon, download the data by clicking the

    icon, accept the request by clicking the

    icon or delete the request by clicking the


  • Processed - fulfilled request

If you decide to accept the request by clicking the

icon, the system will ask you whether you want to handle the request automatically or manually. If you choose to handle it manually, you can collect all the customer's data by clicking the


Once you fulfill the request (either automatically or manually), the status changes to "processed" and the task is completed.

Data deletion

The customer has the right to delete their data altogether. Again, a confirmation email is automatically sent to their email address.

The customer needs to click the link in the email to confirm their request. Unless clicked, the request's status appears as "Unverified" in the Content Cockpit.

Once the customer confirms their request by clicking the link in the email, the status changes to "Processed".