Feature Overview

  • A list of all registered members (except those who deleted their accounts)
  • Allows you to view member details and edit them when necessary (adding/deducting points, updating data, etc.)


This module can be found under the CRM section of the main menu. It shows a list of all registered members (minus those who did not keep their accounts and deleted it). You can view customer details by clicking the pencil icon, edit them, or send your customers a direct (1:1) message by clicking the chat icon.

Customer details

To view all the details, click the pencil icon. You'll access this customer information:


Customer name that they registered under. You can send them a direct 1:1 message by clicking the chat icon beside the name.


  • Customer email
  • ID (A UUID, Universal Unique Identifier, for internal purposes)
  • Support ID


Option to edit the customer's name by clicking the pencil icon.


A preview of all groups the particular member belongs to.

If you need to create a new segment, please read our Segmentation guide.


Use segments for testing

You can create custom test segments with members of your team to see how your content is displayed in the app or on the web. Or you can A/B test custom coupons and news on your customers.


If using a loyalty program with digital cards, you can view, add, or even replace cards here.


Point-based loyalty programs have the option of adding or deducting loyalty points directly from Content Cockpit.


An overview of all the member's latest activities (such as coupon redemption).

Membership Management Functions

The "Manage Membership" drop down offers administrators specific controls over member accounts. These functions are designed to handle exceptional circumstances where manual intervention is required.

Verify Membership

This function is used to manually activate a member's account in cases where automated methods such as email confirmation or SMS one-time passwords have failed (e.g. while the project is in the setup phase and not all features have been integrated). It ensures that members can access their accounts.

Block/Unblock Membership
The options to block or unblock a membership provide a reversible means to enforce compliance with the program's terms of service, particularly in instances where fraud is suspected. When a member is blocked, they are prevented from participating in loyalty programs activities. Unblocking a member restores their access and allows them to fully participate once again.

Anonymize Member
Anonymization is a permanent action that removes personally identifiable information from a member's record in compliance with privacy regulations. This process maintains data consistency for analytical purposes while ensuring the member's privacy is respected. Once anonymized, the individual's email address and phone number are "released" and can be used for new registrations. WARNING: Anonymization is not reversible; there is no mechanism to restore an account once it has been anonymized.