Feature Overview

  • A list of all registered members (except those who deleted their accounts)
  • Lets you view member details and edit them when necessary (adding/deducting points, updating data, etc.)


This module can be found under the CRM section of the main menu. It shows a list of all registered members (minus those who did not keep their accounts and deleted it). You can view customer details (by clicking the pencil icon), edit them or send your customers direct (1:1) message (by clicking the chat icon).

Customer details

To view all the details, click the pencil icon. You'll access this customer information:


Customer name under which he registered. You can send him a direct 1:1 message by clicking the chat icon beside the name.


  • Customer email
  • ID (A UUID, Universal Unique Identifier, for internal purposes)
  • Support ID


With a possibility to edit the customer's name by clicking the pencil icon.


A preview of all groups this particular member belongs to.

If you need to create a new segment, please read our Segmentation guide.


Use segments for testing

You can create custom test segments with members of your team to see how your content are displayed in app or web. Or you can A/B testing custom coupons or news on your customers.


If using a loyalty program with digital cards, you can view, add or even replace cards in this section.


Points-based loyalty programs have an option of adding or deducting loyalty points directly from Content Cockpit.


An overview of all the member's latest activities (such as coupon redemption)