Feature Overview

  • Dividing audience into smaller, defined sub-audiences

  • Option to personalize communication and display varied content to sub-audiences


Within the Segmentation module, you have the option to split your customers into smaller groups. This allows you to both personalize communication and display varied content to different sub-audiences, including individuals.

Segment list

This is an overview of all existing segments. You can create a new one by clicking the Add new button, modify existing ones by clicking the pencil icon, duplicate by clicking the clone icon, or delete any segment by clicking the trash icon.

Click the icon with three dots to export data (to CSV or EXCEL).

Creating Segment

  1. Select CRM -> Segments

  2. Click the Add new button

  3. To create your first Segment, fill in the fields as described below.

Settings tab

Basic info

First, fill in the name of your segment. Add a short description (for your reference only). Then, select a segment type (currently, only custom segments are available).

Switch the toggle if you wish to make the segment public. Public segments are visible to members in app/on the web and Members can self-register to these "topics".

Click the Save button to proceed. You will automatically be taken to the "Members tab".

Members tab

Adding members to segments

To add a new member to the segment, click the + ADD MEMBERS button.

A pop up window will appear, where you can easily select members to be added to the segment by clicking the plus button. Feel free to use the customers filter located at the top of the pop up window.

Once added, you can check the total number of members added to the segment.

You can add as many members to the segment as you wish.