Custom params

Custom Parameters offers a powerful and user-friendly tool, allowing customers to fine-tune loyalty programs and other features to perfectly match their specific needs.

Creating a new custom parameter

To create a new one, go to Settings -> Custom params and click the Add new button.

Fill in the fields as follows:

  • slug - a unique identifier used primarily for internal or computer-to-computer interactions, such as in API communications (typically consists of lowercase alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_), spaces and special characters are generally excluded for URL compatibility.)
  • description - optional, visible to the user in the loyalty program
  • note - optional, not visible to the user, for internal purposes only
  • entity - selects the primary data source
  • context - defines a category of a custom parameter
  • type - data type


Custom Parameters can be mapped to default entity parameters, a feature especially useful for member-related parameters such as firstName, lastName, email, and user address details. This ensures seamless integration and data consistency across the platform.

Privacy Settings

Custom Parameters can be categorized as private or public. Private parameters are accessible only within the Content Cockpit and via private API, ensuring a secure layer of information management. Conversely, public parameters are accessible to the end-users of loyalty channels, fostering enhanced interaction and data exchange.


Each Custom Parameter can be assigned an icon, enhancing visual representation in the Content Cockpit and, for public parameters, in the loyalty channels as well. This aids in quick identification and improves user experience.

Editing Existing Custom Parameters

Once created, all custom parameters are grouped based on the chosen context. You may edit them directly from the preview page by clicking the pencil icon, or delete them by clicking the trash icon.