How to create and schedule news articles.

Feature Overview

  • Separate module managed directly from TRIFFT Content Cockpit
  • One-to-many type of communication
  • Possibility of audience segmentation and visibility settings (date, time, time zone)
  • Multi channel approach allowing the Client to share the same content as message, push notification, homepage banner, reward banner (or their combinations)


The News module enables you to manage all your communication in the app. Managed directly from TRIFFT Content Cockpit, it allows you to create, plan and execute your content via a number of channels, including messages, push notifications, homepage banners and reward banners.

News list

The overview of all news: Drafts, Published and Expired ones. You can create a new one by clicking the Add new button or modify existing ones by clicking one of the icons: edit, duplicate, pin to top, or delete.

Creating News

  1. Select Content > News
  2. Click the Add new button
  3. You will see an empty news editor. To create your first News, fill in the fields as described below:


Title of your News that will be visible to the whole/selected audience.

You are free to use emojis. There is a character limit for this text field displayed on the right.


This piece of content is displayed to users before they click to see the full version of the News. Emoji database is available for use, there is also a character limit displayed on the right.


To make News more enticing, you can add dran-and-drop or upload any image of your choice.

If you are no longer happy with the chosen visual, you are free to delete it or replace it with another image.

To achieve a pixel-perfect image, refer to the ideal dimensions and size provided in the description.


Body refers to a full version of your News. It comes with a rich text editor that allows you to format copy to your liking.

Pin to top

A toggle switch allows you to display the news with higher priority, ahead of other messages.


It is possible to display your News to all your users by selecting All Members.

However, if you want to display News to certain segments only, you need to pick individual segments (go to the main menu: CRM - Segments). Read more on Segmentation here.


Created News can be communicated in a number of ways. You can choose a single channel or select multiple ones:

  • Message - displayed in the Messages module
  • Push notification - short notification that pops up on a mobile device of your users
  • Homepage banner - very top banner displayed on the Homepage of the app
  • Reward banner - very top banner displayed in the Reward module
  • Deals - marketing information displayed in the Deals module

Content link

Once your channels are selected, you need to specify where the content will lead. Switch the toggle on to display all the options:

  • Link type:
    • Web link - opens any external link either directly in-app or in the user's default browser (you need to specify the URL in the row below "Link url")
    • App link - opens any section within the app (you need to select from the dropdown below "App link")
  • Button text: Adds custom text displayed on the button

If you do not wish to show news detail, switch the toggle to the right to active it.


To group news, you can add it to a category by selecting one from the displayed list. To create a new category, go to Categories section.


It is important to specify the time range when your News will be visible to users. Depending on your selected channel(s), it is possible to choose the start and end dates.

Publishing News

To make your News public, simply click the PUBLISH button. Alternatively, you can save your News as draft or cancel it altogether.