How do I set up a Scratch Card Contest?

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up a Scratch Card Contest using the TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud platform.

Step 1: Create a New Contest

Log in to your TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud account.

Once logged in, navigate to the Content -> Contests section.

Click on the Add New button to create a new contest.

Step 2: Contest Settings

In this section, you'll provide basic information about the contest and insert your main visuals to make it visually appealing.

Contest Name and description: Enter a catchy name and short description for your contest, visible to all users.

Type/Game/Trigger: To be able to set up a scratch card contest, you need to pick Random win from the Type selection. To complete the set up, pick a trigger that best suits your needs.

  • on click - A customer has to click the contest for it to appear
  • after every purchase - The contest automatically appears after customer's purchase
  • after wallet credit - The contest automatically appears following the movement in the customer's account wallet

Validity: Set the duration of your contest. Enter the start date, end date, and time.

Contest Visual: Upload an eye-catching visual that represents your brand and the essence of the contest. The ideal size is 1440x605 px.

The Contest Visual will display as the header image, like the one pictured below:

You may want to add a description of the Prizes or add additional information about the contest in the Prizes and info tab.

There is an option to display extra information in the Prizes and Info tab and the Terms and Conditions. To appear in the loyalty program, you need to fill in the Text, Excerpt, and Body. In the app, it will look as follows:

Click "Save as Draft" to proceed to the next tab.

Continue setting up Prizes and Win Probability.

Step 3: Prizes

To add contest prizes, click the "Add new" button

For now, customers can only be rewarded with coupons. Therefore, the creation process is identical to coupon creation.

Again, don't forget to Save the changes once your coupons are ready.

The scratching area has a default silver background. If a customer wins, a coupon will appear. Clicking the Show Coupon button will reveal its full details.

Then, move to the last tab Win Probability.

Step 4: Win Probability

The Win Rates section determines the probability of a customer's win. Simply enter the percentage value for each prize. The losing option is calculated automatically.

Save all your changes.

Step 5: Entries

In this section, you can preview all existing entries in the contest with detailed descriptions.

You may wish to display a contest on the homepage. To do this, follow our App Homepage Builder guide and select Contest from the list of available Widgets.