Create a Transaction

Processing of Transactions

Upon receipt, transactions are initially placed in a pending state. The system then attempts to pair the transaction with an existing user and venue based on the member_id_type and venue_id_type respectively.

Successful Pairing

If a match is found for both the member and venue, the transaction is promptly processed and allocated to the member's account. Subsequent processing steps are governed by the project settings.

Unsuccessful Pairing

In cases where the transaction doesn't match an existing member, it remains in the Pending Transactions state. Upon the registration of a new verified member with an ID that matches the pending transaction, all pending transactions for this user are silently paired and processed during the registration phase.

This process ensures accurate transaction handling and member account updates, promoting data integrity and a seamless user experience.


Updating Unprocessed Transactions

It's important to note that any unprocessed transaction can be updated by issuing a "Create a Transaction" request with the same transaction ID. By doing so, the details of the specified transaction will be updated according to the new information provided in the request.

This feature ensures flexibility in managing transactions, allowing for necessary adjustments or corrections to be made to unprocessed transactions before they are processed and assigned to a member's account.


Coupon Redemption with Transaction

During a transaction, if a user wishes to redeem one or more coupons, the corresponding User Coupon IDs can be attached to the transaction. This ensures that the coupons are redeemed as part of the transaction's processing. It's crucial to note that the IDs to be used are not the general Coupon ID, but the specific User Coupon ID which represent the activated coupons assigned to the user's account, ready to be redeemed. This ID's can be retrieved when requesting Get activated Coupons.


Wallet-Type Transaction

Wallet-Type Transactions are specialized transactions that solely reflect alterations in a member's wallet balance, either in points or currency, contingent upon the wallet's designated type. Unlike standard transactions, they do not denote a purchase event.

This category of transaction is instrumental for recording additional modifications in a user's points or wallet balance, with the changes being visibly documented within the user's transaction history. Through Wallet-Type Transactions, users can easily track any adjustments to their wallet balance, ensuring a transparent and comprehensible record of their account activities.

    "id": "YourID123",
    "type": "WALLET",
    "created_at": 1674931213,
    "member_id_type": "CardID",
    "member_id": "URCARD123",
    "points": 2000,   
    "note": null,   
    "params": {}
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