Feature Overview

  • Overview of short-term marketing activities and campaigns
  • Limited-time offers with a purely informative character
  • No further action is required from users


With Deals module it is easy to communicate any marketing activity or campaign. It is displayed for a limited time only and includes detailed description.

Creating Deals

  1. Click Content -> Deals
  2. Click the Add new button
  3. You will see an empty deals editor. To create a new deal, fill in the fields as described below:

Deal title

Select a catchy short title, there's a character count on the right.


Pick a visually appealing image to represent a deal. You can easily upload an image or delete and replace it if necessary. This image will be show as a cover image and also in the detail once the deal is clicked. The ideal dimension of the image is 1440 x 847px.


A description of the deal will be shown to users once they click any of the deals for more info. A simple text editor is available so you can:

  • Undo/reverse your last action
  • Redo/reverse your last Undo
  • Apply bold formatting to the text
  • Insert lists
  • Insert emojis to the text
  • Insert links to the selected text

Pin to top

A toggle switch allows you to display Deals with higher priority, ahead of other items.


It is possible to display your Deals to all your users by selecting All Members.

However, if you want to display Deals to certain segments only, you need to pick individual segments (go to the main menu: CRM - Segments). Read more on Segmentation here.

Content link

Once your channels are selected, you need to specify where the content will lead. Switch the toggle on to display all the options:

  • Link type:
    • Web link - opens any external link either directly in-app or in the user's default browser (you need to specify the URL in the row below "Link url")
    • App link - opens any section within the app (you need to select from the dropdown below "App link")
  • Button text: Adds custom text displayed on the button

If you do not wish to show its detail, switch the toggle to the right to active it.


To group Deals, you can add it to a category by selecting one from the displayed list. To create a new category, go to Categories section.


It is important to specify the time range when your Deals will be visible to users. It is possible to choose the start and end dates.

Publishing Deals

To make your Deals public, simply click the Publish button. Alternatively, you can save your News as draft or cancel it altogether.

Editing Existing Deals

If you've already created some deals, you can view them on the preview page. From here, you can easily edit them by clicking the pencil icon, pin them to the top (to appear first in any of your loyalty channels) by clicking the pin icon, duplicate them by clicking the duplicate icon, or delete them by clicking the trash icon.

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