Feature Overview

  • A list of orders created by customers who redeemed their loyalty rewards

  • Keep track of individual orders, print protocols, and move orders across different stages (New order - Dispatched - Pickup ready - Finished)

  • Managed from the TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud


Gain full control over your incoming orders (redeemed rewards) and oversee the order fulfillment process.

The orders can be found under the CRM section of the main menu. They appear here once a customer creates a new order. To view order details, click the pencil icon.

Order fulfillment stages

You can easily view the order details (ordered item, customer details, delivery address, PIN), as well as move the order across 4 fulfillment stages:

  • New order

  • Dispatched

  • Pickup ready

  • Finished

There's also a handover protocol ready for printing/download.

From the detail screen, you can view customer details by clicking the

icon or contact the customer by clicking the