Creating News Article

Step by step guide on how to create a News Article.

1. Click on Content

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on News

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on Add new

Step 3 screenshot

4. Craft a title for your news article.

Step 4 screenshot

5. Complete the excerpt

This text serves as the preview for the news article before members click to open it.

Step 5 screenshot

6. Upload the image

Step 6 screenshot

7. Resize and save the image

Step 7 screenshot

8. Complete the body text

This text is featured in the main body of the news article once members open it.

Step 8 screenshot

9. (Optional) - Pin to top

Turn this toggle "On" if you want to display this News Article at the top, ahead of other News Articles.

Step 9 screenshot

10. Select the "No link" content link type

Select "No link" content link type if you don't want any links in your News Article.

See Content link type section to learn more about other types.

Step 10 screenshot

11. Enable "Display from"

Step 11 screenshot

12. Enable "Display until"

Step 12 screenshot

13. Add segments to show this News Article to

You can either leave the default "All Visitors" segment to display this News Article to everyone, or choose specific segments to target particular Members. Learn more about segments here.

Step 13 screenshot

14. (Optional) Select the Channels

News can be communicated through various channels. You can opt for a single channel or choose multiple channels:

  • Message - Displayed in the Messages module.
  • Push notification - Short notification that pops up on users' mobile devices.

Step 14 screenshot

15. (Optional) Categorize your News Article

To categorize News, select one from the displayed list or create a new category. Learn more about Categories in the Categories section.

Step 15 screenshot

16. Save the News Article

Step 16 screenshot

17. Publish your News Article

Step 17 screenshot

18. Confirm the publishing

Step 18 screenshot