Website Customizations

TRIFFT Loyalty Website Customization Possibilities

The TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud platform offers a range of customizable options that work seamlessly out of the box, ensuring a smooth and engaging customer experience.

A well-designed loyalty website is, therefore, one of the primary loyalty channels, alongside mobile apps, digital wallet cards, loyalty kiosks, API (headless), and plastic cards. It allows users to easily register, track their points, redeem rewards, and stay updated on the latest offers and promotions.

TRIFFT ensures that each loyalty website reflects the brand's essence while delivering a seamless and user-friendly interface. Here's a brief overview of what can be customized:

Log In/Sign Up

Customizable parts:

  • (1) Logo in the header, preferably in svg/vector format
  • (2) Featured image, image dimensions: 1000 x 1500 px
  • (3) The custom parameters required at registration
  • (4) Colors of header/footer/buttons
  • (5) Information and links displayed in the footer


Customizable parts:

  • (1) Colors across the screen (both buttons and fonts)
  • (2) List of rewards (automatically displays all the offers set up in the admin and available in the app)
  • (3) News (automatically displays news/messages uploaded to the admin/app)

Loyalty Card

Customizable parts:

  • (1) Background of the loyalty card
    • Single PNG (i.e. logo needs to be part of the image)
    • 560 x 888 px dimensions
    • No white cutout for a card/QR code - this is added as an overlay

Coupons/Rewards + Respective Detail Screens

Customizable parts:

  • (1) Background color (tile)
  • (2) Colors of buttons + button font colors