Direct Messages

Where user support tickets are stored & how to use them

Feature Overview

  • 1:1 communication with the user

  • Allows customers to ask you anything - get back to them directly

  • Managed from the TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud

  • Overview of both active and closed tickets


The module provides an insight into what your individual customers care about. It lets them ask you anything via a direct message.

All the messages are stored in the TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud, split between Active Tickets and Closed Tickets.

Active tickets

The "Active tickets" tab features all tickets that are currently being solved. The overview includes:

  • Ticket ID

  • Title of the ticket

  • User name

  • Last action (time and date of the most recent reply)

  • Last reply by (indication of whether last reply was made by the user of the agent)

  • Actions (by clicking the pencil icon you will get to )

Closed tickets

The "Closed tickets" tab features all tickets that have already been solved and closed.

Replying to tickets

  1. Click CRM -> Direct Messages

  2. Here you will find a list of all the direct messages your customers have sent you

  3. To reply to any of the messages, click the pencil icon

The new page will show you:

  • A user's name

  • The ticket name

  • A history of conversations with the particular user

  • A reply box at the very bottom of the conversation

To reply to the ticket, you can simply write your answer in the text box with a simple text editor.

Closing tickets

Once you feel the issue has been resolved, click MARK TICKET AS SOLVED to close the ticket.