Send Modal to Member

Instantly Send Universal Modals to Member Devices or via Push Notifications

This endpoint enables the use of the TRIFFT Universal Modal feature, which allows for the display of customizable modals or full-screen modals with tailored information. These modals can be constructed from components (detailed later in this documentation) from top to bottom.

This functionality is ideal for notifying members about the status of their requests, informed by events from internal or external (3rd party) systems, enhancing communication and user engagement through real-time updates.


Important Notice on Modal Delivery

Please be aware that the delivery of universal modals to member devices is not guaranteed. Modals can only be sent to members using the mobile app, and their eligibility to receive these universal modals depends on several factors:

App Availability: The app must be running in the foreground and have an active internet connection.
Background App Use: If the app is running in the background, the member must have enabled push notifications for the app.
Delivery Time: While delivery is typically instantaneous, there may be delays. These delays can be due to the load on our systems or variabilities in the push delivery services provided by Apple or Google.

Modal parts

You can create a modal app appearance by adding and organizing the available parts documented below.

Text with title

  "type": "textTitle",
  "title": "Lorem ipsum dolor", // titlethe above text
  "text": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.", // text below title
  "center": true // if true title and text will be centered


  "type": "text",  
  "text": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."


Add empty space for fine-tuning the modal appearance.

  "type": "spacer",  
  "size": "SMALL", // available: SMALL, LARGE
  "line": false // if true display horizontal line 


Add a centered button to the modal that can either CLOSE the modal, link to other parts of the app, or open an external URL.

Types of link

linkTypeDescriptionlinkLink required?
URL_EMBEDOpen website inside Apphttps url of websiteYes
URL_BLANKOpen website in browser window/apphttps url of websiteYes
APPOpen specified screen inside appFor example:
SYSTEMCall system action or modalCAMERA - Request access to Camera
GPS - Request access to GPS
PUSH - Request access to sending PUSH notifications to Member
STORE_REVIEW - Request review on App Store / PlayStore
CLOSEClose this modal windowNo


Important notice on SYSTEM link type of STORE_REVIEW

  • You are limited to three store review requests per user within a 365-day period. Exceeding this limit will disable the review request button for that user.
  • These restrictions are likely in place to prevent app developers from overwhelming users with review requests.
  "type": "button",
  "title": "Okay", // text displayed on button
  "linkType": "CLOSE", // button behavior (URL_EMBED, URL_BLANK, APP, SYSTEM or CLOSE)
  "link": "optional link" // based on linkType, except 'CLOSE' is required


Can display various types of QRCODE, EAN13, or TEXT codes.

  "type": "code",
  "code": "ABC123",
  "codeType": "TEXT" // Available: TEXT, CODE128, CODE39, EAN13, UPC, UPCA, UPCE, PDF417, QRCODE
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