Custom Parameters

Custom Parameters is a distinctive feature in TRIFFT, enhancing the flexibility and personalization of the platform.

Extending Entity Structure

This feature allows our customers to extend the inherent structure of various entities like member profiles, transactions, coupons, rewards, and news. By leveraging the Content Cockpit (CC), customers can add an unlimited number of parameters, tailoring the platform to meet their unique needs.

Privacy Settings

Custom Parameters can be categorized as private or public. Private parameters are accessible only within the Content Cockpit and via private API, ensuring a secure layer of information management. Conversely, public parameters are accessible to the end-users of loyalty channels, fostering enhanced interaction and data exchange.

Parameter Configurations

Customers have the option to set parameters as required or optional, enforcing data integrity. Advanced validation rules can also be applied, ensuring data conforms to specific business rules and standards.

Supported Data Types

The value type of Custom Parameters is diverse, supporting data types like string, integer, date, datetime, enum, decimal, json, and boolean. This versatility accommodates a variety of data representation and storage needs.

Mapping to Entity Parameters

Custom Parameters can be mapped to default entity parameters, a feature especially useful for member-related parameters such as firstName, lastName, email, and user address details. This ensures seamless integration and data consistency across the platform.

Icon Assignment

Each Custom Parameter can be assigned an icon, enhancing visual representation in the Content Cockpit and, for public parameters, in the loyalty channels as well. This aids in quick identification and improves user experience.

How to use Custom Parameters with API

In every Create, Read and Update operation, Custom Parameters are included within a params: {} object, with each parameter specified by its slug and value, e.g., slug: param_value. This standardized approach facilitates effective handling of custom data across all entity interactions within the TRIFFT database.

    "email": "[email protected]",
    "password": "Johns1stGreatPassword!",
    "language": "en_GB",
    "is_verified": true,
    "params": {
        "firstName": "John",
        "lastName": "Doe",
        "city": "London"


Through Custom Parameters, TRIFFT significantly elevates customization and data handling capabilities, providing a robust and intuitive mechanism for customers to tailor loyalty programs and other entities to their precise requirements.