Authentication within the TRIFFT platform is handled via Bearer Token authorization. This ensures secure access to the API, with tokens being utilized to verify the identity and access level of the requesting entity.

Acquiring a Token

Tokens can be acquired from the Content Cockpit:

  1. Navigate to Configuration -> Integration
  2. Here, you can generate a new token

Tokens can be configured as either read-only or with write access, catering to different levels of access requirements.

Token Usage

Once acquired, the token should be included in the Authorization header of your HTTP requests as follows:

GET /v1/endpoint
Authorization: Bearer <Your-Token-Here>


Token Expiration

Tokens have a standard expiration period of 3 years. It's crucial to note the expiration and ensure a new token is generated before the current one expires to maintain uninterrupted access to the API.

By adhering to this authentication mechanism, users ensure secure and authorized interactions with the TRIFFT API, aligning with best practices for API security and access control.