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Details settings for mobile app homepage element "Static"

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This article details settings for a mobile app homepage widget.

Consult New mobile app homepage builder article for an introduction to this feature and general settings.

Consult Mobile app homepage image dimensions article to find the right aspect ratios and dimension for images.

Static widget is used to display a rectangular element that statically links to content either within the app or on the Web. Settings are divided into "Content" and "Design".

Content settings:

  1. Title is displayed in bold on top (for image variant Icon or None) or bottom (for image variant Background)

  2. Description is shown in regular text

  3. Image: defines basic layout, which can be

    1. Icon (icon on the right, text and description on solid backgroud)

    2. Background (image takes up the entire widget)

    3. None (solid color is used on background)

  4. Content link: defines navigation upon clicking on the element

    1. App link - within native app elements (e.g. news, contests, etc)

    2. Web link - displays a web page, either in-app or in a separate browser app (like Chrome or Safari)

  5. Button text: text that will be shown on the button if Button toggle is set to "On" in design

Design settings:

  1. Margins:

    • When "off", widget takes up whole screen width

    • When "on", widget leaves left and right margin where row background (or app background, when Row background is set to transparent) is visible

  2. Element visibitily

    • Title: show or hides widget title

    • Description: shows or hides description

    • Button: shows or hides button (note that button is purely a visual cue, whole widget is clickable)

  3. Widget height: How much vertical space the widget (and therefore row) takes up

  4. Corners: whether the solid color or background image will have square or round corners

  5. Color settings - colors can be set for individual widget elements

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