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Feature Overview

  • Basic contact information

  • Logo & representative image selection

  • Fields to display within the App (such as services, opening hours, accepted cards, etc.) selection


The basic Vendor setting lets you fill your Application with valuable information your customers may find useful and present yourself with beautiful imagery.

Creating Vendor

  1. Click Settings in the Main Menu

  2. Select Vendor

  3. You will see an empty Vendor editor. To create a new Vendor, fill in the fields as described below:

Basic info

Basic information about your venue includes:

Venue name

The name of the venue displayed to the user in the app.

Billing email

Email address invoices will be sent to. This info is not visible to the users.

Contact email

Email address reports and other documentation will be sent to. This info is not visible to the users.

Active toggle

Indicator whether the venue is active (displaying in the app) or inactive (not displaying in the app).

Logo and Picture

To display your Venue correctly, you need to upload a company logo in .jpg/.jpeg or .png format.

To make it even more appealing, please upload a quality Image that will represent your Vendor in the box below Logo.

Fields to display

It is possible to display a number of important information within you app, in the Venue section. To be able to do so, you need to select categories you wish to display first. There is a toggle button to indicate whether you want to display a particular category (a yellow, active state) or not (a gray, inactive state).

You can also tick specific subcategories such as Shop, Coffee, specific cards, etc. you want to display.

Saving Vendor

To save a Vendor you've just created, click the SAVE button. Alternatively, you can save cancel it altogether.

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