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Feature Overview

  • Overview of short-term marketing activities and campaigns

  • Limited-time offers with a purely informative character

  • No further action is required from users


With Deals module it is easy to communicate any marketing activity or campaign. It is displayed for a limited time only and includes detailed description.

Creating Deals

  1. Click Content in the Main Menu

  2. Select Rewards

  3. Click the + ADD NEW button

  4. You will see an empty deals editor. To create a new deal, fill in the fields as described below:

Deal title

A short title will appear right below the featured image. You are allowed to use emojis.


Pick a visually appealing image to represent a deal. You can easily upload an image or delete and replace it if necessary. This image will be show as a cover image and also in the detail once the deal is clicked.


A description of the deal will be shown to users once they click any of the deals for more info. A simple text editor is available so you can:

  • Undo/reverse your last action

  • Redo/reverse your last Undo

  • Apply bold formatting to the text

  • Insert emojis to the text

  • Insert links to the selected text


It is possible to display your Deals to all your users by selecting Entire audience.

However, if you want to display Deals to certain segments only, you need to pick Selected venues and then select individual audiences.


It is important to specify the time range when your Deals will be visible to users. It is possible to choose the start and end dates with respective time and time zone setting.

Publishing Deals

To display Deals to your users, simply click the PUBLISH button. Alternatively, you can save your News as draft or cancel it altogether.

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