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Feature Overview

  • Management of all benefits offered to point-based loyalty program users as rewards

  • Overview of all rewards and their point values in one place


TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud allows you to choose between point based and non-point based loyalty program (or even their combination). If you decide to let customers accumulate points for every purchase they can later redeem for exciting rewards, all management of your rewards happens in the Reward section.

Creating Rewards

  1. Select Rewards from the Content


  2. Click the


  3. To create your first Reward, fill in the fields as described below:

Delivery types

Two delivery types are available:

  • pickup - for physical rewards

  • donations -a non-physical reward, e.g. a charity donation

  • instant

Reward name

Choose a short, descriptive name of your reward.


Pick a visually appealing image to represent a reward. You can easily upload or drap-and-drop an image. Delete it by clicking the trash icon in the top right corner.


If you're running a point-based loyalty system, you need to set a point value of every reward.


Once a user clicks any reward, its full description appears. The rich text is available to format your copy.

Active toggle button

Toggle a switch to make your reward active (visible to the users) or inactive (only visible to you).


It is possible to display the Reward to all your users by selecting All Members.

Alternatively, you can display the Reward to certain segments only by clicking their respective pillbox. Read more on Segmentation here.

Saving Rewards

To save the reward you've just created, click the SAVE button. Alternatively, you can save cancel it altogether.

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