There's a number of images appearing in different parts of the app, ranging form small tiles to widescreen banners. To display them perfectly, please use the respective dimensions listed below.

Please note that different mobile devices may display images with slight differences in size or crop. It is thus advisable to center images, leaving a few px of margins around the picture. However, the change should not be more than a few px.

Homepage half-size tile: 490 x 255 px

Homepage screen-wide banner: 1000 x 420 px

Images in 'News' section: 1000 x 600 px

News image: 1000 x 600 px


Message image: 1000 x 600 px

Dashboard banner (carousel): 1000 x 600 px

Reward banner: 1000 x 600 px

Deal image: 1000 x 600 px

Coupon preview image (page with the list of all coupons): 630 x 530 px

Coupon preview ribbon: 90 px height (starting at 45 px from very top of the image)

Coupon detail: 680 x 320 px

Reward image: 500 x 500 px

Leaflet image: 700 x 1000 px

Contest image: 1000 x 420 px

Contes prize image: 500 x 500 px

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