Release Notes Q2.2

Welcome to the Q2.2 update! This release brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience and empower your applications. From cutting-edge surveys to real-time translation capabilities, we've got plenty of exciting updates. Let's dive into what's new and improved!

✨ Features

  • Surveys: The star of this release is Surveys. You can now create fully customizable surveys for your customers and collect their responses. Currently in BETA, we'll be rolling out full support in the next updates to your mobile applications.

  • Realtime Translations for App: Instantly change any static text in your whitelabeled application via ContentCockpit. Customize your channel configurations on the fly.

  • Web Client Zone: Introducing a fully customizable, translatable, and configurable web version of the client zone. Real-time changes can be made through ContentCockpit. Note: CNAME record changes are required on the customer side, and we will contact each customer to gradually release these microsites in the coming weeks.

  • Notification Center: Experience a fully functional notification center akin to those on social networks, available for all applications. Simply add a link to your header widget.

  • Image Optimization: We've implemented automatic image optimization and resizing during upload in Content Cockpit, ensuring perfect and fast-loading images in your apps.

  • Blur Effect on Images: Slow internet speeds? No problem. Images will now display a blurred version initially, loading in perfect resolution once downloaded.

  • Draw Button on Scratch Card: We've added a draw button on scratch cards to resolve the issue of delayed reward display.

  • Leaflets as Screen: Leaflet details are now integrated into the mobile app interface, complete with a bottom bar for seamless viewing.

  • App Share Link: A new system link type opens the system share dialog on iOS and Android, making it easier to share the application or custom links with friends.

  • XS Static Text Widget: Introducing a smaller static text widget for more compact text displays.

  • Optional Page Images: Logo and header images on static pages are now optional, giving you more flexibility in your design.

🛠️ API Updates

  • Card API Members and Coupons: The Card API now allows you to assign coupons to card owners, redeem them, and access full member details.

  • Order API: Retrieve a list of all customer orders, access order details, and update order statuses (pending, dispatched, awaiting, completed, cancelled, pickup_ready).

  • Image Optimization: We've extended image optimization to the API, mirroring the enhancements made in Content Cockpit.

  • Fixed Venue Address State: The state option in address is now optional, as it should be.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Data Privacy Requests: Fixed the creation of privacy data bundle zip files, enabling full processing of privacy requests.

  • Deletion of Categories: Resolved the bug preventing the deletion of categories.

  • Bold Text in Header Widget: Corrected the bold text functionality in the header widget.

  • Big Gap on First Widget: Removed the large gap between the header and the first widget on configurable screens (homepage and profile).

  • Video in iOS Webview: Disabled the auto fullscreen feature in iOS for videos in embedded browsers.

We hope these updates enhance your experience and provide more powerful tools for your applications. Thank you for your continued support and feedback!