Release Notes Q2.1

We're thrilled to announce a host of improvements designed to make your experience smoother, more powerful, and more engaging. Get ready for customizable headers, seamless welcome screens, in-app review prompts, and much more!

✨ Features

  • Welcome Your Users in Style: Craft a warm welcome from the get-go with our new "Welcome Screen" widget. Add personalized messages and introductions to new screens.
  • Custom Headers for the Win: Design the perfect header for your app screens. Include a notification center, your logo, welcome messages – the possibilities are endless!
  • Effortless App/Play Store In-App Reviews: Trigger review requests directly within your app (via API) for convenient user feedback.
  • Flexible Channel Management: Take control of your channels with new channel configuration support. Enjoy expanded customization!
  • Tiered Segmentation: Segment your audience with precision! Create "Tiers" and add users manually or via API.
  • Real-Time Universal Modals: Send eye-catching, customizable modal pop-ups to users within your open app.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Deliver timely and customizable notifications directly to your users' devices.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • No More Double Modals: We've fixed the pesky iOS bug where universal modals would sometimes double when opened from push notifications.
  • Accurate Privacy Requests: The privacy request badge now accurately reflects the number of pending requests.
  • Deletion Made Easy: Effortlessly delete coupon codes, leaflets, and venues.
  • Seamless ENUM Scrolling: Squashed a bug that caused scrolling issues with ENUM custom parameters in the app.
  • Clear OTP Flow: Corrected an OTP bug that incorrectly took users to the verification screen even with a wrong number.

🎨 UI Enhancements

  • Take Control of Verification: The verification waiting screen now includes a close button and logout option for greater user flexibility.
  • Required Fields Made Clear: We've added asterisks (*) to required fields on content creation for streamlined workflows.
  • Helpful Error Messages: Uploading too-large images now triggers a clear error message, preventing confusion.
  • Seamless Filtering: Improved filtering on all Content Cockpit data grids lets you find exactly what you need with full-text search and customizable filters.

We hope you love these updates! As always, your feedback is invaluable as we continue to refine TRIFFT.